Indonesian Language Workbook for teachers and students

Indonesian Language Workbook for teachers and students This semi self-taught workbook series provides a continuous and structured exercise while you practice speaking with locals. Repetition is a necessary step in learning a language. If you follow the instructions and complete the books in pen you will be able to memorize many words and phrases. There is no pressure, since you set your own target. The assistance of a teacher is a helpful addition. Anyone can teach using this series without creating lesson plans, and a local teacher can add their knowledge to the material. Book 1 is for beginners and consists of simple dialogues with a list of words and expressions. Different variations will help you memorize words and expressions and make simple sentences and dialogues. Book 2 focuses on basic grammar which, with practice, will help you memorize pronouns, conjunctions, prepositions and adverbs. as well as adjectives, nouns and verbs. Exercises will show how to use questions words, 'nya' and 'yang' and will explain the prefixes 'pe', 'me', and 'di' with examples in the dialogues. Completion of this book will prepare you for the longer, more detailed conversations in Book 3. It is challenging to finish this second book, but once complete it will help you in speaking fluent Indonesian. At the level of Book 3, you will have the vocabulary necessary to finish the book easily and enjoy understanding longer dialogues. The format of Book 4 is almost the same but includes longer, more detailed dialogues, more words and phrases, and slang. The variety of topics will let you choose the most useful words and expressions for your situation. The text in Book 5 has no translation and will challenge you to speak more fluently.

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